Before That Promise: Drew and Skylar by Violet Duke

Before That Promise: Drew & Skylar, Book One of Two (Unfinished Love series, 3) by Violet Duke
81 pages
4 moons

Christmas to some people like Skylar Sullivan comes easily but for me it is just any other day. It has been like that for a long time since I was a little kid and it was just me and my big brother. I know Christmas is supposed to be of jolly, happiness and well being thankful for everything we have but the one thing I want cannot have. Skylar is everything I wish I can have but were so different and know I will just be a failure to her. How can I be the man she needs when I can`t even say Merry Christmas to the girl that has had my heart all these years?

Christmas has always been my thing according to my dad and totally not wrong that I want Drew Lawson to experience the holiday like I do every year. I mean how can a man as handsome as he is fun loving cannot enjoy Christmas. I made a promise years ago that I would not go to him but now that I am at a certain age he is still the man I want to be with. It is time to show him that I am the woman he needs and my love is strong for both of us. Will this be the Christmas miracle I have been seaching for?

We caught a glimpse of a young Drew Lawson and Skylar and seeing them again after all this time just brings me the fuzziness in me. I loved that Violet Duke shows us how Drew has become in some ways a little hesitant at believing in happiness and well miracles. These two have definietly grown but the love they share has just blossomed to something beautiful together. Violet Duke didn`t disappoint at all showing us why coming back to her books is like coming home to a family. Love and seeing that anything is possible makes this a favorite for me.


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