Being Brooke by Emma Hart

Being Brooke by Emma Hart
283 pages
4 moons

I am silly, stupid and most off all finally on my own. Everybody tells me I bring chaos easily because well I just do. The thing is that I don`t do it on purpose but man there are just certain things that well I cannot explain so easily. You see it all started when I met my best friend Carly and a guy name Cain Elliott. For years Carly tells me I need to just let go and tell him my feelings. Yet everytime I do he is either on a rebound or in this case with an enemy of mine a lifelike Barbie girl who is really a bitch to me. Being friends with them is the only thing that hasn`t gone wrong in my life and I want to keep it like that even though Cain`s out of the blue kisses rock me to the core. Just being Brooke Barker is all hard work but then again according to Cain I am also his hot mess.

Have to say Emma Hart won me over in this book with Brooke. In so many ways she reminds me of me or wish to be. I love how she goes through life trying to figure out herself and doesn`t give a damn what others think. Take for example Cain she gives him exactly what he needs a girl who tells it like it is and inside her is a girl jumping up and down when it comes to his kisses. The chemistry between them is in some times like Ricky and Lucy mixed with a little bit of of Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing. All Cain wants is for her to be great and proud of herself that he sees in her. The friendship they have is hillarious throwing in a funny, a perverted grandpa showing age doesn`t matter and a demonic dog that just attacks Brooke whenever she can truly Emma Hart bringing it all out in this book. Loved it and cannot wait to see what else is in store by talented author.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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