Nico by Sarah Castille

Nico by Sarah Castille
366 pages
Ebook and Print

I never believed that my father hated me until now. I know all he cared about was my brother and gave no shit about his daughters. Ever since I turned my back on him and led a life of my own I thought I was okay until he put his gun down and arranged me a marriage. A girl like me has no business to be married but he doesn`t see that. As daughter of a Mafia boss I have no say in my life but I just wan to be, Mia Cordano a fighter, independent and choose my own man. The Cordanos and the Toscani`s have always been in a feud but something about Nico makes him be different. Not sure what it is about him but I feel safe and loved with him which is so wrong considering he is from the enemy side. Can I ever have a life and a romance of my own or always be controlled?

Mia Cordano, hacker extraordinaire, sexiest woman I ever met, smart, clever and my enemy.  A man like me deserves a woman who knows how to play the role of a Mafia wife one who is obedient and will look away from my indiscretions. Mia is definitely not like that only instead confuses and arouses me beyond temptation. Something about her brings out a side of me that makes me wonder what exactly am I living for right now. Ever since I was young I had one job to do to take over the Mafia life but now with Mia I want more. Can I be the man she needs?

Readers beware for the latest one by Sarah Castille is not your usual romance but one filled with Mob business, two families that can`t stand each other and oh yes the hottest coupling you will find. It might seem like a Romeo and Juliet story but this is much more between Nico and Mia. These two were taught to hate each other yet when it comes to their own hearts and mind the people around them better watch out. Sarah Castille have to say has a unique way of bringing hatred, betrayal and sex all into one making you crave more of them. Nico just stole my heart and the way he sees Mia as a woman and not just an object to his gain was priceless. The chemistry Mia has with Nico was surprising not just to her but everyone else. This is one Mafia story you don`t want to miss and hope there is more like this from Sarah worth reading it and keeping an eye.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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