Ray of Light by E.L. Todd

Ray of Light by E.L Todd
January 3, 2017
4 moons

I love my brother but lately a girl needs her space and freedom. Rex has always been in my corner but since loosing all the lottery money he won in a bad investment I am stuck with him. Don`t get me wrong he can be great sometimes but now I have a man, Ryker. Everybody tells me he is a player but man his sexy body and kisses are just hard to ignore. I tell myself to stay away from him but how can I when he is always around me. Not only do I have to figure out exactly what is going on in my love life but my friends and Rex are acting weird.  Can I remain normal when my body wants more than just a one night stand with Ryker?

E.L. Todd has a new series and it is filled with sex, friendship, comedy and new characters that will make you wonder where does she come up with these storylines. We have Rae, the heroine of the who just wants to find a man to maybe show her love exist. We have Rex the annoying yet sometimes can be sweet when he wants to and Kayden who is the shy one falling for someone who in all counts doesn`t know she exists and Zeke the best friend who loves a girl but she doesn`t know it. So many great characters in this new series and boy Ryker is one man definitely interested now. This is just book 1 and man so cannot wait for Book 2.

~~I submitted a request to the publisher to read and voluntarily review an uncorrected advance reader’s copy of this book.~~


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