The Lost Healer by Rachel Robins

The Lost Healer by Rachel Robins
3 1/2 moons

I never imagined my life like this. One moment I was helping those in need in my ilttle town and the next kidnapped. I have no idea what is happening but somehow I feel a sense of well being with Daegal. Like me he is trapped here as well but yet I feel more than I want him to know. People say that because I am a woman I belong to Agnarr the somewhat king of this new town called Groenthjal. Something tells me I need to escape for Agnarr is not a nice man but one who wants to use me. The closer I a with Daegal he confuses me about a prophecy that has me in it. My grandmother always told me to watch for men like him but never believed her until now how scary life outside of my little town is. Can I trust Daegal?

This is a first I have read from Rachel Robins and have to say it was quite different what I usually read. One thing that had me into the book was Frida`s determination to be her own woman no matter how dire the situation is at this moment. The attraction she has for Daegal is not the usual boy meets girl but one of survival. I liked that Daegal knows what he wants but just like Frida is finding a way to survive. Rachel Robins has a way of bringing two people together yet show there is more to them than meets the eye. This is just the first part of sounding a series that can go far especially now that Frida is sensing what Daegal is saying can possibly be the truth.

~I submitted a request to the publisher to read and voluntarily review an uncorrected advance reader’s copy of this book.~


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