Dear Jane by Marissa Clarke

Dear Jane by Marissa Clarke
4 moons

Do no date lawyers. That has been my motto on many silly and boring dates so far. I want someone to like me and hopefully last more than just one date. It comes as a surprise that Eric Blackwell is getting my attention. We have worked for years and I cannot stop thinking about him. I know it is wrong to rely on him for when I am with him I am not Clumsy Jane but confident, strong and beautiful. Can I count on him to help me find the guy for me before I do something silly like falling for him?

Dear Jane let me count the ways of how beautiful you are. Something I have fantasized about telling her for real but scared. It is of course a rule not to fraternize with co-workers but I so want her. She is beautiful, funny and spending time with her after one of her disastrous dates is becoming the highlight of my day. I love she is herself and not the workaholics we are making me want her more. Can I be the friend she needs when all I want her is to be my woman and more than just one date?

I love it when guys are nervous and afraid to take the leap yet Marissa Clarke rocked it in this book. Jane is loveable and normal in this book she got to me right away. Here is a girl who has gone through many frogs in her life but fail to get another chance with them. Eric is perfect for Jane from being her best friend to bringing out the best in her that many people don`t see. Marissa Clarke knows about love, comedy and a friendship that shines throughout her characters.

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