Heart of Stone by Dakota Willink

Heart of Stone (The Stone Series Book 1) by Dakota Willink
400 pages
Ebook and Print
3 1/2 moons

There are many things I am known for but being naive is not something I thought I was until I met Alexander Stone. For the first time here is a man who is making me actually thinking of doing things I never imagined doing with a man. Alex is opposite of the men I have been with and it scares me the feelings I have about him. Everybody tells me I need to be cautious but with Alex it is confusing as hell. What is a girl like me supposed to do with an experienced man like him?

I am known to be ruthless and rebuild companies not the type to be into committments. Making over companies and making them successful is my mission and nothing ever distracts me. At least I thought I can never be distracted until I met Krystina Cole. Something about her piques my curiosity and for the first time I am thinking more about my business so unusal about me. The more I want Krystina the more I am wanting to do things I have never done like a committing to one woman.

So this is the first time I have read about Dakota Willink and have to say Alexander Stone is not like your usual dominant men. I liked that he seems strong and cold-hearted but when it comes to Krystina he is the one getting all flustered. The one thing I didn`t like though was Krystina`s attitude throughout the book. There is just too much of her playing innocent that it was starting to get somewhat annoying. I wanted more of her than the innocence she kept showing. This is the first book and hoping in the second book we see Krystina fighting more and grow a back bone. There is alot that is not answered in this book and Dakota Willink has a story going with these two cannot wait.

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