Home Sweet Home by Ava Miles

Home Sweet Home by Ava Miles
312 pages

I cannot believe Evan is doing this to me. Considering how much of a friend he is to me for him to leave me stranded in Dare Valley in a home that pains me is too much. My best friend and now a traitor yet in some ways he is making me deal with my past. I have tried to be the strong man I am supposed to be the workaholic and not let love back in my life. That was until Moira Hale started working with us and now she is all I can think about. It is crazy but somehow fate has brought her closer to me and now a life without her in it is unbearable. Can I give her the kind of love she dreams of having when all my life has been centered in nothing but pain and heartache?

I come from a big family, a family full of love, friendship and being there for one another. Seeing Chase down and with no job right now breaks me for he is the silent type yet begging for love. He doesn`t say it but being with him makes me want him more. Something about his past is what made him what he is right now a man with no feelings. I know I can change him to be the man he is destined to be and hopefully with the help of the Hale family we can make him see how valuable he is to everybody.

Hard to believe that this is Ava Miles Book 10 in the Dare Valley series and we have come this far with the Hale family. We saw a little bit of Chase Parker in the Dare Valley Meets Paris series with Evan and Margie seeing him the way he is now will blow you away. At first he is cold-hearted, somewhat egotistical but beneath this cold exterior I have to say he is loveable. Moira completes him in a way that completes yet scares him in a way he has never felt before. Ava Miles did a beautiful job in Chase showing us that no matter how hard you work to be someone else you cannot escape your past for it is what makes you stronger. I loved Chase and Moira was so brave taking him on never backing down. Great book.


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