Properly Groomed by Boone Brux

Properly Groomed (Wedding Favors) by Boone Brux
4 1/2 moons

I have loved him from afar actually close by for he is my brother`s best friend. Lincoln Fisher is the man I have compared every one too and came up short. I still don`t know how it happened but we are stuck together for a couple of days. I knew it was a mistake but after seeing him half naked well I just want more of him and this house sitting for my brother is not enough. My friendship with him is important and the thought of losing him is too much to loose. Can I have it both ways without loosing my best friend?

She is my best friends sister and forbidden. Problem with temptation is  the longer you deny any attraction the sexier it is. Seeing my best friend marry and settle down is making me want the same thing. Through all women I have been with they all fail in some ways never measuring up to my Joya. Housesitting seemed like a great way to think about what I want but having Joya there as well is making me see no other woman will be the one for me unless it is Joya herself. Can I show her that I want more than just housesitting with her without loosing the friendship we have?

I have to say Boone Brux rocked this book between Joya and Lincoln. The attraction they have is something they have to decide to get into or loose the friendship they have had all these years. Boone Brux didn`t make it easy between these two and loved that in so many ways they completed each other so in sync together. This is one you don`t want to miss or the whole series. Loved it.


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