Ray of Hope by E.L. Todd

Ray of Hope by E.L Todd
198 pages
4 moons

Is it too much to ask for more information about my boyfriend? I mean I know Zeke and my brother, Rex know about him but I don`t. As a girlfriend I should at least know if he has siblings or likes pizza right. I never imagined myself to nosy or pusy but Ryker is a closed book. Every time I try to get to know more it always leads to sex. In my book it is great but feel this relationship is all just about the physical side. Everybody tells me I am crazy to push these feelings I have about him but those 3 little words are hard to ignore. Ryker is the first guy I have felt so strongly about and well it is killing me he might not feel the same. Can I continue on like this or be another just friend relationship?

E.L. Todd`s next in the Ray series is turning out to be a nerve racking one. I feel sorry for Rae and what she is going through. I mean don`t get me wrong I want it to work but Ryker is really closed mouthed. I even wanted to slap him for here is Rae with all her heart on her sleeve and Ryker well just seems like playboy. I love that Rae pours out all her heart and won`t take no for an answer and boy when she kicks butt she kicks it to the core. Get ready for Book 3 for E.L. Todd is not disappointing me in this series and her readers are going to love this new gang of hers.

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