Ray of Love by E.L. Todd

Ray of Love by E.L Todd
207 pages

I have been so stupid. I thought Ryker was the one for me. Hell when I pictured my husband it was Ryker but the saying !“fool in love“ finally means something to me. I was a fool. A fool to believe that Ryker would finally open up to me. Rex and Zeke were right once a player always a player. Only person to really be there for me is Zeke and now I might loose him forever. Don`t get me wrong my heart is beaten up and bruised yet I am feeling something for Zeke I never felt before. He is more of a friend for me which is weird this is happening now. He has it good with Rochelle, his girlfriend, and me well confused as hell. Our friendship has always meant more to me than my friendship with Jessie and Kayden. Does it mean anything that I want more than just a dream about him I want the reality?  Can I really do this and ruin the friendship we have always had together for something great?

OMG is the best way to describe Ray of Love by E.L. Todd. I knew Ryker was bad for Rae but man this guy takes the cake. The way he treated Rae no sir that was just wrong. I loved that Zeke best friend of them all shows Rae of the possibilities yet also the fear of moving on. These two have something that is hard to explain yet feels comfortable all the way. I loved how E.L. Todd shows us more than these two but the whole gang and boy cannot wait to see what will happen with Kayden and Rex. Now those two remind me of another couple from another series. The attraction that comes to Rae is hillarious yet filled with fear of what will happen once it is revealed. All in all this series is coming full circle and man in the best way ever. E.L. Todd oce again is rocking this series the best way ever filled with romance, sex, love and friendship loved it.


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