Real Good Man Duet Book 1 by Meghan March

Real Good Man Duet 1 by Meghan March

I am hot, sexy and single a great catch to any womance in my hometown. The problem is that I don`t want a woman because of what they see me as. I want a woman who really knows me and not just for my looks. So it comes as a surprise that I am falling for a stranger a New Yorker to be exact. There is just something about Banner that has me anxiously waiting for a text from her. Yes this may seem weird but I know there is a connection between us. One night though is not enough not when I know there is so much more than just us talking. The thing is I am just a simple, average working class man and she well has city life all over her. Can I prove to Banner that I am very good at just being me and not pretend like her other men?

Real good men don`t exist if they did I will not be going through so many frogs and would have found a prince by now.  Text messaging has never been my thing but there is just something about Logan that keeps me texting. Unlike the men I have been with there is something going on between us. The best part of course is he will never see me and see how fake of a person I am really am. Men have always wanted one thing from me and never want the real me which this thing with Logan seems great. Yet the more I talk to him I am actually wanting more of him than just words. Problem is once he gets to know the real me will we still have this connection?

The first in a book series by Meghan March that will have you anxious for more of Logan and Banner. I loved the chemistry between them for it was sweet, sexy and the opposites attraction was so strange for Banner. Here is a girl who has been through guys that don`t really know her and then comes along Logan making her all flustered. The attraction they have by the talented Meghan March is unique making this a favorite for me. Cannot wait for the next one and see what is going to happen with Logan once he realizes exactly what he feels for Banner.


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