Filthy Dirty Love by Stacey Kennedy

Heartbreaker: A Filthy Dirty Love by Stacey Kennedy
Ebook and Print

Committment is not something I want in my life. No woman will really understand what I need. Sure they see me as a sexy man, hot and can get more than just one orgasm but they don`t really know me. That was until Joss O`Neil came into a bar one night and she is all I can think about. It was one night of hot, no strings sex and me in control. Problem is she is now working in the same unit I preside. I never imagined seeing her again but somehow her scent, her touch is all I can think about. Everybody knows I am not the type of man for seconds until she came into my life. Can I risk everything for one more night with Joss?

Everybody beware for Stacey Kennedy has just spiced up your night with this sexy and uber hot book, Heartbreaker. I loved how she created Maddox as a womanizer but when it comes to Joss he is well stunned. The point when he realizes some things about Joss is comical regarding his whole outlook on love. The attraction they have is definitely not something he ever expected and this is what made Stacey Kennedys latest a favorite of mine. These two are in common yet when it comes to their love life as one they have a lot of experimenting to do. Not your typical vanilla sexy romance but one filled with desire, hot dirty sex and passion that will make you reach for the bucket of ice. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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