For Finlay by J. Nathan

For Finlay by J. Nathan
214 pages
4 moons

Football has always been in the family and especially for me and my twin brother. It is everything we talked, shared about and even played a little until fate stepped in. I know I was a bad sister to my brother, Cole, but then again I wanted more than just football. I wanted to be just the brother and sister we were before football came into play. Now I am trying move on but how can I when the boy that won`t leave me alone has taken my brother`s place. Caden Brooks is a thorn on my side yet not what I expected. Can I turn on my brother and not seek revenge?

There is something about the water girl that is getting me curious each day I see her. She is unlike the college girls which makes me wonder what is her story. This is my year to make it big and all eyes on me which brings on more pressure. There is no time for a girl especially one like Finlay but I cannot stay away. Just when I think she will never give in she pulls me towards her with a kiss. Not just any kiss but one that shows promise and a life I never expected. Can I be the one to get her back into living the life she is meant to have?

Can a sport bring two people together?We have Finlay Thatcher who hates football and what it has done to her family. All her life it has always been her twin and football. The man who took over her brothers role in the game happens to be the one person she cannot forget. I loved that even though she wanted him to pay somehow Caden Brooks is the one saving her. J. Nathan did a beautiful job showing one person grieving a certain way yet happiness in a unusual way. My heart broke for Finlay but also rooted for her to find the love she has never had before. This is the first I have read by J. Nathan and for this reason in this book I went and bought others from this talented author. This is more than just a young girl finding peace but also forgiveness she didn`t know she was looking for. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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