Relentless River by Lindsay Cross

Men of Mercy Book 10: Relentless River by Lindsay Cross
4 moons

She is a walking disaster everywhere she goes. Everybody knows Cheri Boudreaux is all 100 kinds of craziness but I want her. As Sheriff for this town I have a reputation to uphold but dang when it comes to Cheri I just want to chunk all out of the window. Here is a woman who can wake a dead person with her charm,                                                                                            beauty and mind you how sexy she is. Problem is she is also a big distraction not what I need right now when there are dead bodies appearing out of nowhere. Someone out there is killing people on my watch and have to find out who it is before it`s too late. As an ex-Marine officer I am known to be in control except the Marine`s never had a woman like Cheri. Can I find the killer in time before Cheri breaks me?

He is a man worth climbing on for a long, adventurous ride. Problem is he is a lawman and when it comes to the law they have never been a friend of mine. My cousin, Lamont tells me I am crazy to be lusting after Sheriff Bo Lawson. Yet I know this is more than just lust for me it is pure, unadultered, sexy heart-stopping love. Just when I think I have the courage to get to him trouble comes my way. Family has always been important to me and knowing one of my kin is in trouble puts everything else in a standstill. Can I be the woman Bo needs to be the man that can protect and loose control over?

Welcome back to the Men of Mercy series where Lindsay Cross brings us finally Sheriff Bo Lawson. We have Cheri who is trying to be the manager she is meant to be but family seems to be a pain on her side right now. I loved that when it comes to Bo he is on the point where anything willl make him snap especially a woman like Cheri. These two  are like a volcano waiting to explode and when they do watch out readers. Lindsay Cross has a series that makes you wonder what else can go wrong in this town and how much hotter can her men get. Love this series and cannot wait for the next Men of Mercy series.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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