Torn Between Two by Mia Kayla

Torn Between Two (The Torn Duet) (Volume 1) by Mia Kayla
Ebook and Print

Mama always told me to believe in the happily ever afters never in the well bad afters. I never saw it coming but in a way Mama was preparing me for the loss I will have in life. For years the one thing that kept me in believing in dreams was my music idol, Hawke. I loved hearing his music always reaching into my soul speaking to me. Now I have the real thing and it scares me. He is nothing like I expected and though he is a rockstar I still feel like a groupie. Yet Hawke is not the only one who scares me. Josh, a man who in so many ways is like a rockstar for he is there without me realizing I need him. Both men are everything I have wanted yet I am torn.

Love with a rockstar is not for the faint of heart but I cannot deny Hawke. He has control of my body but my heart is still searching. Mama always said that along with fairy tales there is always an opposite to balance it out. Josh in some ways understands me and wants me more than just my body. Two men who are making all my dreams come true yet the heart is undecided. How can I decide between both worlds when I have no idea where my tale will lead?

I have come across books where I know right away where my heart will lead between the main characters but Mia Kayla has ruined that for me. She is clever, devious and talented literally making this reader really torn. There is many things of Hawke I love and one of those is how carefree and mysterious of who he really is besides just a rockstar. Then we have Josh who sweeps you off you feet with his back story and were back to deciding who is the right man. Two men and one woman definitely a hard choice to make. Do you pick the wild, sexy and adventurous Hawke? Or chance it with Josh who is steady, sexy and understands her dreams and goals? Many unanswered questions showing Mia Kayla`s beautiful talent in making her readers anxiously waiting for the conclusion. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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