Under the Bleachers by K.K. Allen

Under the Bleachers by K.K Allen

There are three things I cannot walk away from, chocolate, my love of fashion and most of all men like Zachary Ryan. People know Zach is my ultimate weakness next to chocolate and working with him is getting harder each day. I tried to put our relationship in just the friend zone but no matter how hard I try I cannot stay away from him. He is a client for BelleCurve but in my heart he is so much more. His whole world is football and for me that is one sport I detest. I have tried for years to come to terms with it but it is one thing that ruined my family. I can never compete with Zach`s world and know a girl like me will ruin him forever. Can I be the woman he needs when my past can ultimately tears him away from me?

There is something about Monica Stevens that has me more than intrigued. That first night at the Heroes and Legends party I felt like a superhero wanting to protect, love and god make Monica mine. She comes as shy at first but beneath that is a wildcat waiting for me. I meant for us to be friends but the longer I am with her I see how perfect we are. Monica is unlike any woman that I know which suprises me she still likes me after hearing my real story. Everybody even my publicist see`s me as the man with money and fame. These people are fake and only Monica see`s the real Zachary Ryan, the man whose life is football but a man who wants to make a difference. I know she is hiding something abou ther past which makes her wondering about my true feelings. Can I make her see how right we are before she runs away from a forever love?

I didn`t think K.K. Allen could make me happier than ever considering how awesome her Up in the Treehouse book was I was a little cautious about sequels.  Under the Bleachers continues with Chloe`s best friend, Monica Stevens. At first she seemed a little shy to me but when it comes to NFL Quarterback Zachary Ryan she is all flustered. Here is a sexy, handsome guy who is all on her and for Monica his attention towards her just makes her wonder what is game. K.K. Allen shows us that you can never judge a man by his profession and boy does Zach shows Monica she is wrong on all counts. The love he has for her is sweet, funny and seeing this tough girl qusetioning herself when it comes to Zach loving her is awesome. Under the Bleachers was so worth waiting for from this talented author it shines right up there with Up in the Treehouse.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”

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