After You by Stephanie Rose

After You by Stephanie Rose
242 pages


So this is the first time I have ready by this author and boy was I not disappointed. There are many things I loved about the book but what got me about Nick is his patience with Ellie. Now Ellie is not a fragile damsel in distress but she is learning to live. No she didn`t die or anything but for the first time she is going through life alone with her little boy. All her life she had someone to stand by her and now she is going on only way she knows best, one day at a time. Stephanie Rose created such a handsome, loyal and oh my god loving man with Nick. He is unlike any man Ellie has known and his love towards her frightens her. Stephanie Rose got me into the series to the point where I bought the other two in her . In my opinion it can be read as a stand alone but to see how talented Stephanie Rose you don`t want to pass up on her other books in this beautiful series. As a reader I look for certain things to make it a TOP 10 Recommended and Stephanie Rose delivered in all three which is friendship, love and that soul searching passion that never flames out. Loved it and definitely following this author to see what else in store.


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