Choosing Forever by Mia Kayla

Choosing Forever: Book 2 in the Torn Duet by Mia Kayla

188 pages


Can I have both of best worlds? I loved Josh but Hawke is always there. I know he is a rockstar and is never a man for himself. Everbody knows his every move and in some ways all this fame of his scares me. I hate knowing that with one call I am running to him. I hate that I have this sexy, sweet Josh yet Hawke is still there. He confuses, breaks and loves me which makes all this frustrating.

I love her she is my Sunshine the one thing I know is constant in my life. Everybody just sees me as the Rockstar, the one who has everything except a life. My Sunshine deserves better even if it means I must be an asshole to her. My name is Hawke, lead singer of Def Deceptions and she is the one woman who has my heart forever.

She is mine and no Rockstar will have her. I have been by her side when he calls and then just ditches her. I have no idea what he has over her but my heart is hers forever. My life is complete when she is with me but I cannot go on like this anymore. I might sound like an asshole like Hawke but I want her in my life forever.  Will she choose me or once again will I be the one left all alone?

Mia Kayla just ruined me in this 2 part duet. I was always Team Josh but Hawke is a man not to be ignored. I loved that Mia Kayla has one woman and these  men all wanting her except there can really just be one. I was literally torn between these two for Hawke is every woman`s fantasy the sexy bad boy Rockstar and of course there is Josh. Bad boy Rockstar and the cool, reliable sexy Josh two men deviously created by Mia Kayla. Loved it.

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