Crazy Beautiful by Jessica Huizenga

Crazy Beautiful by Jessica Huizenga
207 pages


A broken heart is not something I can handle again. All the men I have known say they love me but it is only a matter of time before my heart gets ripped again. So it comes as a surprise when my heart wants Lucas Graham. I didn`t expect to fall for this man not after my heart is starting to mend. He is everything I would have gone for if I wasn`t so torn up from previous experiences. The more I try to keep him in the friend zone my heart starts to want more from this relationship we seem to have. Can I trust my heart in his hands? Will he be the deal breaker to make me believe in love again?

Everybody knows I am into beautiful women. They all come in different forms, blonded, brunettes, strawberry colored but none are lik Kinsley Moore. There is something about her I cannot put my finger on but somehow this vibrant woman has gotten into my heart.  I am not a committment type of a guy but she is making me want more from this friend zone we are in. My father trusts me to watch over but my hearts wants to love her forever. Love is strange for me all this thinking, dreaming and wanting her all the time is unlike me. Is Kinsley the woman that is going to tame me forever? Or will I be the one to hurt her again?

I have to say considering this is the first time I have read from Jessica Huizenga it was awesome. I fell hard for Kinsley for everything that has happened to her. On the outside she is strong, beautiful but in the inside Jessica Huizenga shows us a woman who needs to be loved. Lucas is unlike Kinsley for he has been loved before but it still hurt him. Two people who are alike in so many ways yet are overcoming their pain by the only they can deal as friends. Readers will see though Jessica Huizenga has a funny, clever way of teasing her reads and boy Lucas is one hot tease. Loved this book and this is one author you have to follow through every book release. Passion, love, friendship all by one talented author will make you well swoon.


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