Letters Across an Open Sea (Love Letters Book 2) by Ava Miles

Letters Across an Open Sea (Love Letters Book 2) by Ava Miles

11 pages
4 moons

It is WWII and we have Ava Miles bringing us to this era where tragedy is everywhere and two people are starting something they never expected. When Anna gets a letter from Noah after finding out about Martin she feels a little bit of peace. In a way reading about Noah and knowing he was there with Martin gives her a little bit of comfort. Something about Noah makes her see that the War is not something to take lightly and in his eyes she is feeling something she never expected. Once again Ava Miles shows us that no matter how far we are from one another it is the words said in letters that brings us love, friendship and a bond no one expected. This is starting to become a favorite and what fascinates me is that it is different from Ava`s previous books she has written. In a way once you start reading about Anna and seeing how she is starting to feel towards Noah almost makes you feel like you are in her world. I cannot wait for Book 3 from Letters Across an Open Sea.


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