Playing the Game by Lisa B. Kamps

Playing The Game (The York Bombers Book 1) by Lisa B. Kamps
189 pages
4 moons

I know what people are saying outside of the rink. They say I am at the rock bottom, I lost my game. Sad to say it is true and it pisses me off. It has been a year since I scored in the game I have always loved. Everybody wants to know what happened and I have no idea how to get my game back. Everything I thought was right blew up in my face three years ago when I let my dream go. I knew after I left her it was a huge mistake she was my everything. Courtney just wanted one thing from me and I ruined it all by believing into the lies. She is what has been missing from my life but have no idea how to make things right with her. Three has changed a lot of things some that are changing everything I thought about life. Can I be the man she fell for in the first place?

Three years and my time is up. I knew it was just a matter of time before Harland Day came back into my life. I swore when he accused me of lies I will never wecome him back. The thing is that my heart still wants him and my body well misses his touch. The thing is it is not just me this time and any decision I make now involves someone else. Harlan has my heart and even though things are different the lies are still there. Can I trust Harlan again or will he fall for the lies again?

This is the first I have read by Lisa B.Kamps and have to say hockey has never been hot like this. Harlan is troubled by something and it’s affecting his game. In so many ways it was funny how his team mate’s tried to help yet nothing helps. I loved that when it comes to Courtney and her surprise he is well perplexed of what to do. Lisa B. Kamps did a great job it flowed easily through each chapter my kind of favorite never slowing down. Loved it.

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