Tempt Me by J. Kenner

Tempt Me: A Stark International Novella By J. Kenner
120 pages
4 moons

She is my everything and I am ready for more. I have no idea why she is stalling but Jamie Archer is mine forever. Jamie thinks she can be without me but I know for a fact she is my other half. As Stark Security Chief I have  access to a lot of things but one thing I want she is keeping it locked, her heart. The past couple of months is making me want more of her and am afraid me pushing her will well make her leave. I want what Damian and Jackson has a family and the love of a good woman. Can I make Jamie see how right we are?

He is my everything and I know he is getting frustrated with me. Ryan Hunter is my one and I am his. We have been together for years now and every day with him still feels new. In some ways he makes me feel whole and I want him permanent in my life. I want what my friends Nikki and Sylvia have with their men even if it means believing in fairy tales. Just when I think a life with Ryan is possible something happens in my life. It is a revelation of whats to come but know in my heart Ryan will do everything possible to make me happy. Can I be what Ryan has been looking for in his life? Can I be the one to tempt Ryan into a life of happiness and love forever?

Once again J. Kenner brings us back to the Stark series with Ryan and Jamie. We have Jamie Archer who has all she has been looking for with a guy like Ryan but in a way feels lost. Everything she thought was possible is now sounding maybe like a dream. She has always pictured love like others dear to her meaning special and forever. I loved that Ryan is patient with her but even a man like him has limits when it comes to Jamie. J. Kenner has a series that not only makes you want more but you see how love and passion. J. Kenner has way a way where she can tempt you into anything with her men even the possibility of reaching the stars.

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