We Are the Stars by Teagan Hunter

We Are the Stars by Teagan Hunter


4 moons

They say he is a murderer but I know my Carson. I never knew him before all the shit happened but once I found out about him I can`t forget about him anymore. My life used to be boring until I met him. Carson is unlike any boy I know even my best friend, Jase. I don`t believe the stuff people say about him for when he`s with me he is the ideal boyfriend. Carson says I am crazy to be with him but I know somehow we are meant to be together. Can I be the girl to help him overcome his demons?

I have no idea why she is with me. Mom always said things happen for a reason and in some way she is my reason for living. Everybody see`s me as a murderer but nobody knows the truth. I have tried to be what she needs me but the darkness is still there. When I am with her I am at peace and able to breath again. I know my time is coming up with her but this moment is one I will treasure always. Can I be the man she needs in her life?

This is the first I have read by Teagan Hunter and have to say I am intrigued by this author. I loved how she created two people who are opposite of each other yet have a lot in common. The romance between these two are not the typical boy and girl but one of mending hearts. One is just looking for a life where he can be normal and a girl who is looking for something new in her life as well. Teagan Hunter is an author that is refreshing right now to read and definitely will be following what`s next from this talented author.


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