Where Promises Die by R.C. Stephens

Where Promises Die by R.C. Stephens
297 pages
Ebook and Print


I don`t know why I am moved into the Duncan family house. All I know is my life will never be the same. I am a stranger in this family but there is something about the boy Eisav Duncan that has me speaking again. He is not the only one in the family but his twin brother, Jacob has me a little scared in this house. Being with Eisav I feel normal and his friendship has me living on. They call him the black sheep of the family but to me he is much more. Through the years Eisav is the one who makes me believe there is much more about me than what people led me to believe. He is the only one who looks at me as a friend and soon the one who has my heart. Somehow along the way I fall for the boy who made me feel alive. I know we made promises to each other about always being there but fate has something in store for me. I always knew this is not the life I am supposed to have but Eisav is not all he seems to be. I thought for sure our lives will be entwined together but something dark is beneath this family that tears me apart. Eisav is not the same boy I fell for and now that he is in my life again I have to figure out what happened to the promises of two people in love. Were they all make believe? Or were they just dreams of a scared little girl.

At 11 years old she was a friend who I felt bonded in a way as friends forever are but as a woman she has captured my heart like no other woman has done. I know my life has not been easy and never could figure out why my father hated me so much. Only thing that felt right while growing up was being with Grace. To everyone even my brother Jacob she was forbidden. We could only be friends but my heart knew right away its soul mate. Being with Grace was the only thing in my life that felt right. She was the only one who understood me and shared the same dreams I had while growing up. I was the one who brought her back to life and she was the one who kept me sane and balanced. Growing up with my father was not your typical father son relationship but of some hatred deep inside him. I never figured out why so much hatred but being with Grace felt like I could survive anything at least I thought so. Being with Grace again and see how far she has come along I know I hurt her and determined to make all the promises we had as children come true. Everybody see`s me as a different man but to my Gracie I am the same boy who loves her only this time I will make her dreams come true. Grace has always been with me not in person but in my music and once she sees I am not going no where then our story will be complete. Once upon a time I told her about all the promises I will give her and now I am determined to make those promises true with all my heart.

One thing I love about R.C. Stephens is that there is a meaning about all her stories. We have a story that spans through friendship and grows into something nobody expected in this book. There is a young Grace, scared and alone going into a family she never knew feeling more of a stranger than ever. Then we have Eisav who sees a scared little girl and welcomes her with the only thing good in him, friendship. Throughout the years we see their love blossom into something they never expected but time is an enemy in this book. R.C. Stephens shows us a family that by all counts is messed up it could be a soap opera come to life. These two have been through so much and have to say R.C. Stephens just shows that no matter what happens the power of love is stronger than ever. My heart broke for these two for the obstacles they have to go through and knowing that they might be too late in love. The thing with R.C. Stephens is that throughout the book it is not just about Eisav and Grace but so much more that they never knew about in this family. Lies, betrayal friendship and second chances is what made this book beautiful with many emotions running in this book it teared me apart. Do not pass this book for R.C. Stephens shined in this book not what you would expect compared to her other books but much more.


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