Wicked Wolf (Wicked Ever After Book 3) by Nazarea Andrews

Wicked Wolf (Wicked Ever After Book 3) by Nazarea Andrews

142 pages


I cannot do this anymore. It has been years since I started this game and I want more. There is just something about Scarlet I cannot get away from or survive without her in my life. The thing is my Scarlet belongs to another man, a man I cannot live or survive without in my life, Hunter. Together we are something that is hard to explain to others like Charming, Beast and Mal my brothers. They are the only ones who know my sexy, dirty little secret about them and have tried to help me. No matter how hard I try to stay away from Scarlet and Dom they pull me in with their beauty and wicked seductions. Someone though is after Scarlet and now she needs my help. Everybody knows Scarlet is strong, beautiful and needs no help but when she comes to me I must put aside my differences even if it means my heart getting crushed again.

Nazarea Andrews sure knows how to make a beautiful fairy tale be wicked, sexy and oh so delicious like this one. We have Wolf, a man who wants one thing but cannot have and now is the man you see behind the scenes. I love that he is hurting inside but cannot do anything about it because of circumstances. Scarlet and Hunter are just too sexy in this book and normally not into M/M but there is just something about Hunter that will just make you turn. Nazarea just shined in this one with such a wicked twist about Wolf and Scarlet that will make any reader want to be hunted by this Wolf. Cannot wait to see about Mal`s story a character we see glimpses of in Nazarea`s books looking forward to his story.


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