A Promise Ignited: A Short Story by Anissa Garcia

A Promise Ignited: A Short Story by Anissa Garcia
4 moons

I remember the days where he would take me against the door and ravish me. Now it seems our days are centered on work and our son. I love my family but I miss those days. It seems the only action I get is from my own hand and even then my time is interrupted. I love my husband, Dean with all my heart yet when a stranger pays attention to me it ignites something that has been dormant for months now. I have heard of other married women do this and I am not one of them but the thought is shocking. Dean is my everything but I am craving more and this man, a stranger is making me feel desirable. To do or not to do?

There comes a time where a woman has to choose. Be nice or be naughty and boy does Anissa Garcia tease us in this novella. We have a woman who has been married and has been feeling neglected. Anissa Garcia shows us that no matter how happy, the family we have there is a part of us that wishes for more. Two people who are at a point where what they have is still there but they lost their way. Add in a stranger who is sexy as hell and you will find you will do something you never imagined doing. Anissa Garcia has a way of bringing us into her stories and make us want more. Delicious tale sexy, hot as hell and not what you will be expecting at all loved it.


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