Blush for Me: A Fusion Novel Kindle Edition by Kristen Proby

Blush for Me: A Fusion Novel Kindle Edition by Kristen Proby
320 pages
Ebooks and Print


I hate flying. People say it is safer than being on the road but they are so wrong. Going to Napa Valley is supposed to be a time to explore the wine tours there and get some ideas for my restaurant, Seduction. I expected to have fun and get some alcohol time never expected for a man like Ryan “Mac” MacKenzie to calm me in a way no man has ever done before in my life. Seduction has been my life and I have no room for men especially one who is hot, sexy and caring like Mac. For the first time he is making me want more than my work and it scares the shit out of me. The last time I let a man in my life it made me crazy and so stupid. Being with Mac though he makes me want to be better and well have a life of happily ever after like my friends have with their guys. I`m a brainiac at heart, tattooed up in the arms bartender and on the side psychologist yet with Mac I am just me, Kat Meyers just looking for love. Can I be the woman he needs or will he be like the other men in my life breaking my heart?

I have flown many times to these wine tours but this one is exciting. I never imagined being seated to a woman like Katrina Meyers. My brother, Chase, calls me a wham bam leave em kind of a guy but when it comes to Kat she is proving to be something I have never experienced. One kiss from her is not enough and being inside her makes me want more than just this sexcation she is calling in the Napa Valley. I know we have something special going and knowing she lives in the same city where I work and live is mind boggling. She is close to me yet I know she is not ready for something more which I want. Kat is not the only woman right now making me crazy there is also my mother. I have no idea why the two women I love is giving me trouble but I am determined to protect them above everything else. The more I am with Kat I know she is the woman for me only problem is to convince my naughty bartender how right we are together.

I so love the Fusion series and reading about all the girls from the Seduction restaurant is a treat. Not only do we see a glimpse of their lives but the men who complete them are hot. We have Katrina Meyers who like the other women of this series is a workaholic. Her whole life is centered on the restaurant and the one time she gets away her life is turned upside down by sexy Mac. This guy has the power to make her want more than working behind the bar. Kristen Proby just blows me away with each book in this series and now reading about Mac is just a great addition in Kat`s life. I loved how Mac is making Kat see that she doesn`t have to pretend to be something she is not just to be herself was awesome in this book. The chemistry they have is hotter than ever in each chapter and seeing how much they actually have in common just makes this romance story beautiful. Kristen Proby not only just makes the book about the two characters but we see the others in her previous books and how far they have come along. Cannot wait to see what Kristen Proby will do with Mia and Riley`s story next.


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