Bound (Fire on Ice Book 1) by Brenda Rothert

Bound (Fire on Ice Book 1) by Brenda Rothert
243 pages


I imagined a lot of things for my life but being a mother at 21 years old was not one of them. I had big plans to be somebody but as soon as I heard my baby`s heartbeat I knew nothing can take away my happiness. At least I thought so until my world came crashing down. Everybody says I was too young, not ready to be a mother and the worst of all were the ones who said GOD had a reason for it happening. I know in the beginning I was scared but the more I thought of it I was excited. Knowing there are others ought there who is going through some type of grief is helping me. Going to counseling was my moms idea to cope but meeting Jason Ryker was not one of them. His own grief is what brings us together but there is so much more of him I didn`t expect. As a hockey player he is hitting it big time and why he is wanting to be friends with me is beyond me. I am a Plain Jane still grieving over what could have been and he is a sexy hockey player who can have any woman he wants but he wants me. They say things happen for reason and I am wondering if he is my reason to live again.

Maggie was my everything I wanted in a woman or so I thought. She knew life as a hockey players wife will be hard but hockey is my life. Knowing that she is not here to see how far I am coming in my career should make me sad but there is something else. Going to counseling I heard all the I’m so sorry or you still have a lot to be thankful but they don`t mean it. That was until I met Kate. I know coming to these group meetings are embarrassing and sometimes reopening the wounds is hard but I feel something for her. It has been 2 years since Maggie and Kate is making me feel alive again. Everybody see`s me as just another jock, a man who can have any woman he wants going through sex-a-thons at my age except Kate. She see`s the real Jason Ryker and it scares me. Somehow she is coming to mean more to me and though the loss of our loved ones are in our past she is starting to be a future I want to have forever. Can I convince her that I am not all about hockey and somehow we are meant to be together?

When I got this series I expected the usual sports romance but then again this is a Brenda Rothert book and it is not just your usual romance. From the beginning we see a young Kate Camden going through something a woman should never go through at her age. My heart broke for her seeing her filled with joy, happiness then a black shroud of grief cover her. Then we have Jason Ryker who is at the top of his career placed on the highest pedestal of fame, popularity and now toppled down in grief. Two people who share a common thing but are still lost. Brenda Rothert shows us that no matter how much we act strong and face the world we still need someone to lean on to. The way these two interact with each other and blossom to something they never expected happening again is what made this new book in a series by Brenda Rothert exciting for me. We see a whole new side of hockey, the athletes and the people that love them. Loved it and cannot wait for more of this series that is becoming a favorite.


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