Captive Book 2 Fire on Ice by Brenda Rothert

Captive Book 2 Fire on Ice by Brenda Rothert
234 pages


I have met lots of women after loosing Maggie but knowing I would meet my soul mate at a Grief Counseling Group was not one of them. Meeting Kate Camden now Kate Ryker she is making me see how there is a happily ever after losing someone. Knowing that we are at a point where nothing can break our happiness fate steps in again. I hate seeing my love heartbroken and in fear. Kate is smart, beautiful and the sexiest woman I have ever met but others don`t see how strong she is too. Together we are building a life one we never imagined having a chance of doing again. In the hockey rink I am strong, fearless but seeing the pain in her eyes tears me apart. My best friend, Luke, says to give her time but every time I want to be there for her she pushes me away. I swore to be love, be patient and most of all be there through sickness and health but how much further will she push me. I will do anything to give her what she wants even give up my career but I know she will never accept it and that is my Kate. Knowing she will put my happiness first than hers just makes me love her more. How can I make her happy when the one thing she wants I am not able to give her?

Two years ago I was at a point where only one question centered my whole world. Why? Then that question brought in a new meaning and that is when Jason Ryker entered my life. I never thought I would see happiness again but being with Ryke is making me see I can have it all again. Marriage, family and love three things I never imagined having at least what I wanted. Fate though has other plans in store for me and now I wonder am I the woman Ryke needs in his life. I see other women vying for his attention the puck bunnies waiting for us to separate. I swore when we married to be the love of his life but each day knowing that the one thing I cannot give him is tearing us apart. Loving him has always been easy and as a counselor I know there are things that we cannot control even grief again. Now instead of being happy and joyful I wonder when will the breaking point happen with us?

In one word for Captive by Brenda Rother is WOW. In the first book, Bound, we see two people who are hurting and in Captive we see these people learning to live the life they didn`t think was possible. I love Ryke not only because well he`s sexy as sin but he is also patient when it comes to Kate. These two have gone through so much and Ryke is just one of those men you wish you had with you right now. Kate is lucky but to her she feels like she is not the full woman he needs in his life. Brenda Rothert shows us two people who are at a point where they are ready to be a family but once again they are tested. This one was a huge favorite of mine for it showed us how far Kate has come making us see through the power of forgiveness, patience, trust and leaning on those we love is what makes us stronger than ever. Loved it.


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