Cheater (Curious Liaisons Book 1) by Rachel Van Dyken

Cheater (Curious Liaisons Book 1) by Rachel Van Dyken
320 pages


My name is Lucas Thorn and I am a Cheater. Isn`t that what people say at one of those AA groups except for Cheaters. You see I wasn`t born like this life made me do this. Okay I am going too far but I had something that was worth in my life and now that person hates me. There has only been one woman in my life who I would change forever but I am so far into my life she thinks I have no chance at redemption. Avery Black is possibly the most annoying, confusing and sexiest woman I have ever encountered but she was not like that all the time. I ruined her and she ruined me. In a way we are perfect for each other but she hates my guts. I know her seeing this life I have created is not helping me get her back in my life but I still want her. It started off as a work relationship but now because of her we are in deep together something I didn`t see coming considering she hates me. Yet now that she has muddled her way into my life I want a future with her. Can I convince her how right we are and that even Cheaters like me deserve a chance to redeem himself?

He has to have some type of disease. No way can a man like him who crazy as it sounds has a woman every night of the week be disease free. I mean yeah Lucas Thorn is hot, sexy, annoying as hell yet God must favor him. I mean he is walking sex on a stick not my stick though but six other girls because even a man like him must have a rest day on Sundays. I just don`t get how the Lucas Thorn I knew back then could have changed so much into this type of man, a Cheater. I always imagined this scenario of meeting him again in so many ways but this one scenario takes the cake. I am trying to be good and be on my own but when the chance to make it big happens to be the same place where he`s at well there is only so much I can do to be good. He is a Cheater and I am trouble but somehow in a bizarre way we fit together. I know everybody deserves a second chance but can this new Lucas Thorn be redeemed to the man I used to know who made me laugh, be my friend and make me love him all over again?

Rachel Van Dyken you rock!! I have to say I love how she can be imaginative, talented and oh so funny when it comes to her men. Lucas Thorn is a man who by all counts knows he is spiraling to a dark path in his life but enjoys it whenever he can. Avery Black is the perfect woman to kick him back in the ass and be the man he is really destined to be. Together these two are hilarious and in some ways is like a modern Ricky Ricardo and Lucy with the way they interact in this book. I laughed all the way when they are together and there is food involved lol. Rachel Van Dyken shows us that there is more to just being a cheater and Lucas Thorn is one hot bad boy who has a lot of regrets, shame and just full of sexiness he needs to come to grips with before he looses his only chance at love. I loved it cannot wait to see what Rachel has in store for his best friend, Thatch.


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