Drive (Fire on Ice Book 4) by Brenda Rothert

Drive (Fire on Ice Book 4) by Brenda Rothert
214 pages
4 1/2 moons

I am here. I am finally at the point where I can say I am making it big in the NHL world. It has been hard and I owe it all to my family for getting me here. As a Russian family is important to me and making it big to get them out of poverty is my goal. My whole life has been centered on making them proud of who I have become and hockey can only be the thing I have in my life. At least I thought so until I meet sexy Sadie Alexander. I knew playing my Russian side with her would bite me in the ass but something about her makes me feel all goofy. She is the only one who doesn`t fall for my accent and brings out the goodness in me others do not see that often. Playing hockey in the big time means a lot not just for the fame but for my parents who struggle even now to make sure I have my dream job. Being with Sadie though makes me want to just live for me and I get easily distracted her beauty, smartness and man her kisses are mind blowing. Can I have it all the woman, the family and making my parents proud?

I swore to be single for 60 days and live like a normal single woman. That was the plan until the sexy, lethal and charming Russian my brother-in-law is friends knocks me out of the atmosphere. He is just what I would have gone for a quick night of fun, no commitment type of guy just a night full of sexy orgasms if I was the old Sadie. After so many stupid, silly and well just boring men in my life being single sounded great just thinking of me for once. I know it is wrong to flirt with Nikola but having him as a friend is turning out to be too much. My heart says to take it slow and work on me but dang my body wants him. Kate and even my best friend Dell found their love in their hockey players and yet I know Nikola would be too much for me with what he is looking for in life. Family is important to him and me who haven’t had that kind of family love in a long time well just makes me feel like a crazy girl. Everyone around me has someone there for them and I know this friendship with Nikola can only lead to one place..sweet delicious trouble.

Book 4 in Brenda Rothert`s Fire on Ice series is going to make you laugh, swoon and just melt for this sexy Russian and Sadie. We have a young man, Nikola who is determined to make it big and show his family all the struggles they did were not wasted. Then we have Sadie who has never felt like she belonged any where even with her friends. Two people who are looking for something yet actually have a lot in common together. Brenda Rothert showed us a little bit about Sadie from being the adopted Aunt with Dell and her little boy, Kyler it was fun to see her well flustered when it came to this sexy Nikola. I loved seeing that Brenda Rothert didn`t make their romance easy and was funny to read about them together denying the chemistry. At first it was a love/hate relationship but even this hot hockey player has to work up on his game to thaw out Sadies heart. Brenda Rothert will pull you in every direction making you want more and anxious to see what else she has in store in her harem of sexy hockey players.


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