Edge (Fire on Ice Book 3) by Brenda Rothert

Edge (Fire on Ice Book 3) by Brenda Rothert
242 pages
4 1/2 moons

I miss my old team. I know it was wrong but I will get my revenge on John for knocking me off my team. He is the bad one not me yet I am being sent away. I know it is to get me back in shape but I don`t deserve this. Playing with this team is like I am in exile only bright spot is their trainer. I am supposed to stay away from her no fraternization but my heart and body want her. I might sound like a girl right now but there is something about Dell that is making me want what my best friend Ryker has with his girl Kate. I am in my 30s and for the first time I am head over heels on a woman who is trying her hardest to be professional. Everybody including Dell see`s me as a womanizer but that is far from the truth. Being in the same team as Dell I am trying to keep our relationship as friends per Dell but somehow she has gotten into my heart like no other woman has done. Time is not a friend of mine and knowing being with Dell is coming to an end I want her more than ever. Can I convince her that I am more than just a hockey player?

I hate hockey and for a good reason. Growing up in the world of hockey I have learned a lot of things. One is that the hockey players think they can do whatever they want. Two my son will not become one of them no matter how much my fathers try to pull him into the hockey world. And last I must not fall for a hockey player especially one who is funny, smart and sexy as hell like Luke Hudson. As a single mother and trainer for the hockey team I have to keep things professional but there is something about Luke that has me feeling like a woman again. It has been years since I have wanted a man like I want Luke and it kills me I must stay away. He is everything I have tried to stay away from in the hockey world but a life without him is not what I want ever again. Luke is showing me I can love again and he is the one I have been searching for all my life. Can I be the one he needs to make him stronger and let love in?

Okay I have to say I love this series. The first two we saw a little bit of Luke and have to say I loved him even then in the previous books. Brenda Rothert shows us more about him and what he is searching for in his life. Dell is a young mother who feels the life she has always wanted is gone. Her whole life has always been about hockey and Luke is showing her that she can still have it all. It starts of as a love/hate relationship and it scares Dell for having all these feelings again in her life. Brenda Rothert shows us that no matter how much we try to deny the attraction love can still sweep in without us really expecting it. Luke is exactly what Dell needs in her life and readers the passion they have between them well grab some cold ice water for it will make you hot all over. I for one cannot wait for the next one in this series for Brenda Rothert`s Fire and Ice series is not just the sport hockey but a group of friends and family that come together with the women that complete them.


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