Hard Justice by Lori Foster

Hard Justice by Lori Foster
384 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

It is a job. A job. At least it was until I met Fallon Wade. The meaning of coming from the wrong side of tracks speaks true when it comes to my assignment. She is all that doesn`t belong in my life but I cannot stay away from her. Her parents hired me from Body Armour not telling me what is going on but she is a beautiful mystery to me. Right away I know she is going to change me and I cannot figure out who is after her. My whole life has been centered on fighting as a MMA fighter and now I feel at crossroads. Being with Fallon is making me feel all things more than just protectiveness. Fallon is like a flower blooming before my eyes and it scares me how much she wants to change. Just when I think my life cannot get more complicated someone from my MMA fighting wants me back into that world. I knew right away Fallon Wade was not just the other side of the tracks but is settling in right into the heart I never thought was possible. Can I be the man she needs without getting her hurt?

Good Lord talk about body guarding my father finally did something right in hiring Justice Wallington. My whole life has been in a shell with my parents never letting me well live ever since I was a teenager. Seeing a life that might be possible for me I know Justice is the key to finally having a life I always wanted. Problem is that no matter how many times I tell everybody that I am not a child it just pushes them more to over protect me. I know somehow being with Justice my life will never be the same and I am happy at last. Being an only child can suck but having a man like Justice makes me feel things I never felt before even with my ex-boyfriend. A man like Justice is not a man to take lightly but the love I have for him is scary most times. My name is Fallon Wade and all my life has been centered on people telling me what to do, wear, talk and now I am being the woman I am meant to be. Can Justice see the real Fallon Wade before it is too late?

The Body Armour Security Agency by Lori Foster is getting hotter than ever with a fine sexy guy like Justice Wallington. All his life he has been fighting trying to find his way and he is at a point where he needs a sign of what to do. Fallon is exactly what he has been looking without really realizing it until now. The love they have is unique in both ways for one has had it before and the other is well finally acting like a woman. Fallon`s life has been sheltered all her life and being with Justice is just wow right now. I loved how Justice brought Fallon into his world make her feel accepted and Lori Foster showing us the other fighters was awesome. MMA fighting never looked so good until you get into Lori Foster`s world cannot wait for Miles story in this series. Loved it.


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