If I Dream (Corrupted Love Book 1) by K.M. Scott

If I Dream (Corrupted Love Book 1) by K.M. Scott
227 pages


Can life stay still? Can the one moment I felt alive be there for me always? This is something I ask every day since I met Ryder. My father says he is going to be our adopted brother but he is becoming more than I expected Being the daughter of Robert Erickson is all it is cracked up to be like his friends think we have it made. Being a father he is supposed to love his children not treat us like well trophy children. It has been years where I felt loved and protected by my father. Being with Ryder I feel like nothing can harm me and I can dream a life where my father doesn`t make me feel like I’m on the spotlight to be showcased at his every whim. I have never felt this kind of connection the way I feel with Ryder and though I should be scared of who he is I am intrigued by him. He is not the type my father will be associating and this makes me want to know about him more than what I am told. Each day with him is bringing out all these feelings a girl like me should be having and just when I think we can be together fate steps in. Will I ever get the chance to have my dreams come true?

For years I was trained to fight to stay alive and nothing more. Guys like me are never lucky but when Robert Erickson comes into my life he rescued me in a way I knew I would die sooner or later with the life I was leading. Robert showed me a way to live and fight yet feel assured I will always have a roof over my head and food in my stomach something I treasured everyday. I only had to do one thing and that was to stay away from his daughter which at the time seemed easily considering I am a junkyard dog not fit into their lives. I was the outsider getting the chance to live a somewhat rags to riches life. From afar Serena has the life any girl would love to trade places but she is more than just the little rich girl. Being with Serena is making me feel things I have hidden away like love and dreams. These are two things a guy like me can never have but she is making me want the impossible. Just when I think our dreams can come true fate steps in making me wonder will a gutter rat like me ever get the woman of his dreams?

In one word this new series by K.M. Scott is WOW. I have to say this is unlike her other books in a way that it is more passionate and more in depth with her men. We have a young Ryder entering a world he heard about but didn`t really know existed until given a chance. What got to me in this book was the deep love he has for Serena. Two people from opposite side of the tracks but so much in common. We have one girl who dreams of being free to live a life of her and love whoever she wants. Then we have a young man who dreams of being something other than what he was trained to be dreaming of also being free of that life and just wants to be loved for who he is not what he can be. Loved the series and cannot wait to see what K.M. Scott will do with these two in Book 2. So many questions left until the next one and looking forward to see how Ryder and Serena can get their dreams to come true.


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