Passion Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan

Passion Restored (Gallagher Brothers Book 2) by Carrie Ann Ryan
240 pages


She is hot, sexy, smart and doesn`t want me. I have no idea why the hot girl in the bar doesn`t want me but I want her. It has been months since I have felt this power attraction towards a woman. Fate, however wants us together and now that I know her name Liz McKinley will be mine. My brothers think I am crazy to be chasing a woman who doesn`t want me but I know she wants me. Something has her spooked and I know I am the man she needs. Unlike my brothers I am the responsible one, the brother you go to for something routine and well yes sadly I am also the boring brother. Being with Liz though she is making me feel crazy and so unlike me. My life has always been me taking caring of others and some idiot changes that all for me but in a good way. I never expected needing someone will lead me to Liz and now I am determined to keep her in my life. Our passion scares her and the love I have might just make her run away but I am patient. I am not sure why she is afraid of my loving but I know her body wants mine. As a Gallagher we are stubborn, passionate but when it comes to our women we are loyal something Liz doesn`t see often. I have never this kind of love with other women and Liz better be prepared for when a Gallagher loves with all his heart it is for keeps.

He is crazy, stubborn, sexy and all wrong for me. I have never been attracted to men with tats or beards but something about Owen Gallagher has me well super horny. Here is a man who is making me weak and throwing caution to the wind something I never have done before. As a nurse my job is important and have never mixed my work with my personal life. Owen, though is a man you cannot ignore no matter how much you try to deny the sexual chemistry. My friend says I am crazy to tease him but he is the one who is teasing me with his kisses, touches and man the feel of his body against mine just is well something I have never felt before. I know I am crazy to push him away but the love he feels for me is just too strong for me and well scares me. He is unlike the other men I have been with and I know he is giving me space but can I be what he is looking for. How is a woman supposed to survive once a Gallagher shows passion, love and delicious kisses?

Two words for Carrie Ann Ryan is HOT DANG!! I knew just by looking at the cover this was going to be a Gallagher brother that was going to be hotter than ever and boy am I right. Of the three Gallagher brothers Owen is the one you go to if you need help or need someone to talk to. He is the one who will get the job done and the one well that will leave you breathless. Liz has no chance of surviving without him for he comes in like a hurricane all strong, blowing in with no warning and leaves a presence you cannot ignore. Carrie Ann Ryan shows us that no matter how strong we are we can always lean on someone who is understanding, patient and just loves us. Owen and Liz are two people who shows us that no matter how much you deny the attraction the passion just gets stronger than ever. Carrie Ann Ryan is a master of creating characters that are unique, loyal and just leaves a memorable mark in you when you read their story. Loved it.


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