Playing House by Laura Chapman

Playing House by Laura Chapman
282 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

I love designing houses and seeing my creations come to life. Lately though it seems instead of seeing my dreams come true I am bringing coffee to my bosses. Landing the job as an assistant to the Waverly and Wilder Aldrich show should put me at the top of my career yet I don`t feel it at all. Everybody sees them as a happy couple on tv but the more I am with Wilder I am feeling more than just being an assistant which confuses me as hell. Being with Wilder is making me want things I never wanted before like love. I learned at a young age you cannot trust men but something in me makes me want to give Wilder a chance. Working with them is making me see that all is not what it seems and being with Wilder is just too much temptation. I am not sure what will happen for this is temporary but the longer I am with Wilder the more I want of him in my life.

Everybody sees the Waverly and Wilder show but I sometimes wonder do they really know us. When we created the show I thought the idea of rebuilding houses would always be there but lately the thrill is gone. I am not sure where, when or how it happened but the Wilder Aldrich that got happy and excited seeing a house rebuilt to its beauty has disappeared. Having Bailey Meredith is like a breath of fresh air in a life of just nothing but charades in my life. I want more than ever to have her with me forever but circumstances have me being tempted by her all the time. I never expected to feel like this but being with Bailey 24/7 can make a man go crazy being with her beauty, passion and genuine creativity. As they say on tv and on the tabloids don`t always believe what you see or hear. Can I prove to Bailey that my life is an illusion and she is my reality?

I am such a huge fan of second chances and those reality tv shows so this new one by Laura Chapman just piqued my interest with Playing House. We have Wilder Aldrich who beneath the city clothes he is still a Texas country boy just wanting to make people happy. Then we have Bailey who wants to have her dreams come true and be a designer not feeling her full potential. I loved how Laura Chapman brought these two together and then have Waverly in the picture creating a tale that we never expected to see. There was so much in this book I thought was going somewhere then Laura put in some twists making me rethink some parts in the book. This is one of those books that is hilarious, second chances and two people seeing what they have really been missing in their lives. Loved it.


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