Release (Fire on Ice Book 5) by Brenda Rothert

Release (Fire on Ice Book 5) by Brenda Rothert
220 pages


I love playing hockey and I know some people don`t see hockey as a career but it is for me. All my life since I was little my father told me to always think big in case I can never play hockey and never let other people get in my way. Coming back home to Henley I am grateful for everything this town has done to make me at the top of my line. As an Enforcer I am trained to protect and fight for my team so when it comes to shy and beautiful Samara Cross something in me brings out my possessiveness. Everybody see`s me as a strong guy but when the girl I thought was my heart and soul broke me I see my world differently. I am not a womanizer and when it comes to love I am committed all the way even when that person cannot understand how I can be that into love. Being with Samara I see what has been missing in her life and knowing that she went through a traumatic event all I want to do is show her that love is possible. Home is where I am grew to be the person I am, family is what made me stronger and it is love that will make me convince her that she deserves all the love I can give her. As hockey goes there is one goal that is to score with Samara my goal is to make her happy, loved and mine forever.

I never been a fan of hockey yet living in Henley hockey seems to be all the talk especially when one of their own, Orion Caldwell makes it big. I thought coming back to this town would give me the life I always dreamed of having and that is a safe haven. High school was cruel and adulthood seems to be the same thing especially when the popular girl wants to pick up with the popular guy. Orion and me never clashed together in school but knowing he wants me now just seems so weird. I am not the type of woman a handsome, sexy and hottest hockey player will look twice at me but I have caught his attention. I tried like really tried to keep to myself when it comes to him but his niece and nephew just got to me first and his persistent flirting caught me as well. Orion brings out a side of me that I don`t want to be at again but he is proving to be opposite of what I had before. He shows me that I can be independent, sexy and true to myself something I never imagined having in my life. Just when I think I can leap towards a future of a love forever my past comes back putting me back to where I used to be. Can a woman like me who is scarred and still stuck in the past learn to live again?

I have to say Brenda Rothert is one clever author for showing us a man that we don`t see that much in her other books but making us love him just like the other guys in this series. Orion is someone who is a man we don`t see often and that is one who is all into one woman. He`s not the normal playboy we see often but when he loves a woman he is solely committed to that one woman which boggles my mind considering who he is. He is an Enforcer, the player who protects the team and will fight anyone that gets in his teams way. I loved how Orion when he sees Samara his whole world crashes to a point where he just wants her and screw those who get in his way. The attraction he feels for is unlike what he has known before and it makes him work harder for Samara. Now Samara she is fragile yet when it comes down to it she will fight as well like Orion to get her love. Brenda Rothert couldn’t have ended the series with such a beautiful couple and seeing all the other characters reunite in a way I didn`t see coming just blew me away. The love that Orion has in his life from his family and friends is something Samara never experienced and seeing her go through is like a scared rabbit learning to feel safe again. Brenda Rothert definitely shows us that through love and learning to trust anything is possible especially when you think you not worth having it. Loved it and sad that this is the final book in this beautiful series, Fire on Ice, not just your usual sports romance but one with forgiveness, acceptance, trust and mostly a happily ever after you never expected to happen.


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