Ride Rough: A Raven Riders by Laura Kaye

Ride Rough: A Raven Riders by Laura Kaye

480 pages


I never should have hurt her. She was my everything and seeing her again I know she is still mine. Alexa Harmon is one of those women that once she is in your heart she stays there. Seeing her again is like a punch in the heart making me live again and only for her. As Vice President of the Raven Riders I have responsibilities and duties to my club which Alexa knows is my life. Seeing her back in my life I know I must do everything I can to protect her at any cost. Knowing that she is about to marry a man who I know in my heart is the wrong one for her I will stand behind protecting her with every breath in me. One kiss from her is making me see I cannot stand as the second man in her life and will always be the first in her life. Can I be there for her when there is a chance that my family, my club could put her more in danger?

There is just something about a man with tats, leather jacket and a motorcycle that just makes me well hot and bothered. Not just any man but the one who broke my heart and ruined me. Maverick Rylan is the one who has made me see that I can do better and maybe settling with a nice steady man like my fiancé will make all my dreams come true. Yet the closer the wedding is coming I am starting to see that my life with him is not as exciting or desirable like it was with Maverick. It has been years since I felt passion like I felt with him and somehow he is back in my life. The Raven Riders is his family and though I was young and in love he is still in my heart.  Can I be the woman he needs when I don`t even know who I am right now. Am I the obedient, shy and quiet fiancée or am I the fun, passionate and fun woman I am with Maverick? With everything going on I wonder though who is the real Alexa Harmon?

In one word WOW for Maverick and Alexa. I am excited that we have the new one by Laura Kaye and seeing the men of the Raven Riders back again. Lots of things have happened since Ride Hard and Laura Kaye doesn`t disappoint at all. We have Alexa who is a young woman who in some way at a crossroads with her life. Then we have Maverick who is at the top of his club and in comes in the love of his life. These two right away still have the connection they had before when they were young and boy Laura Kaye shows us that no matter how many years have passed true love never fizzles out. The chemistry is stronger than ever but there are some things that are left unanswered about their past. The Raven Riders is just one of those series that will make you want more and the men are hotter than ever that only Laura Kaye can bring to life. Loved it.

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