Sweet Victory (Fighting for Love) by Gina L. Maxwell

Sweet Victory (Fighting for Love) by Gina L. Maxwell
251 pages
4 moons

I love my bakery and will do anything I can to keep. My uncle is mean and is determined to ruin my dreams. The bakery has been in my family for years the only thing my Grandma has entrusted me and my livelihood. Nobody understands how important it is to me especially my Uncle Richard. I know everybody expects a lot of me and the town needs me. I swore that I will survive and don`t need anybody`s help especially a hot sexy MMA fighter like Xander James. I know I might sound like a stalker but when he has his curtains open in his apartment I know he is a womanizer. Everything he does reminds me of my ex and how he cheated on me many times. I know Xander is not a commitment kind of guy so him helping me is just unusual which scares me. Like I said before I will do anything to keep my bakery shop but the thought of marrying is not my cup of tea. Everybody knows I have bad luck when it comes to men but Xander is not a man to be ignored. Can I last six months with a man like Xander?

Sophie Caldwell, the forbidden fruit of my life and now my wife. Not how I imagined getting close to her but then again she is mine now, at least for six months. I never liked her uncle and knowing that he is threatening to shut down her business is not sitting well with me. I know she works hard everyday to make it a success and determined to not let her fail. Only way to help her is by being her husband and just that a husband nothing more. Problem is that she is not just any woman to ignore but a full sexy as sin hotty babe and mine. I know it was going to be hard but just the first night was excruciating and still have many days left. Being in a marriage of convenience is nothing unheard of but being in one in America is just weird for a British guy like me. Knowing that Sophie is my pretend wife is not something to take lightly and going without sex just to have her in my life is worth it. Can I convince my wife to be the woman of my life forever?

The next one in the Fighting for Love series by Gina L. Maxwell has exactly what we have been waiting for Xander James. We have Sophie Caldwell who just wants one thing and that is to keep her bakery shop. It is the only thing that she feels she still has with her Grandma and the evil Uncle Richard wants to take it all away from her. Xander now here is a guy I wouldn’t mind having in my corner. He is sexy, hot and confusing the hell out of Sophie which she doesn’t need right now. Gina L. Maxwell not only shows us that sometimes a pretend marriage can be sexy as hell especially when temptation is in the same room sleeping next to you. Cannot wait to see what else is in store from this author.


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