After I Fall (Falling Book 3) by Jessica Scott

After I Fall (Falling Book 3) by Jessica Scott
248 pages
4 1/2 moons

He is a man. Not just any man but one who makes me feel alive. For years I have been the dutiful daughter and obedient fiancée. Since I entered The Pint I am feeling alive. There is something about being with Eli that is making me see my life so far is not really my life. Everything I do is planned or dictated by either Davis or my dad. Eli is someone who doesn`t tell me how to act, be or talk just for me to be and it excites me. I know a girl like me doesn`t belong in his world but I need him. Everybody sees me as the spoiled rich girl not the real me which just pisses me off. To the world I am Parker Hauser, the little rich college girl that will do anything you ask her to do with no arguments. To Eli I am another one of his toys of misfit people of The Pint who needs a second at reclaiming her own life.

I have done and seen a lot of things in the War and opening up by my own bar, The Pint I welcome those who are lost. It is because of The Pint where I feel safe and in my own world until she came into my bar. A girl like Parker Hauser doesn`t belong here or someone like me to taint her. She is one of those girls that you know has never gotten her hands dirty. A man like me still running from his mistakes regrets shouldn`t even have a chance with her but she makes it impossible. My bar is my lifeline and having Parker for a little bit of time makes it less lonesome and a little bit of light into my darkness. Just when I think I can have a future with little miss sunshine my past comes back to bite me. Can a soldier like me have a civilian life filled with love and happiness instead of nightmares and gun fights?

The Falling series by Jessica Scott has to be one of those series that just grips you into the whole slew of characters as Eli calls it the Misfits. Each book brings us a man or woman either from getting out of war or going through their own kind of war. We have Parker who unlike Eli is leading a cushioned life but even those who are set in life doesn`t mean they have the life they dreamed of having. Parker feels confused, lost and just not feeling like herself. All her life she has been told how to act and talk never sharing her own mind. Then we have Eli who has seen so much in War and still has regrets in his life from that lifetime. Jessica Scott created two people who are opposite from each other yet they are both looking for the same live. All in all this is a series that speaks of learning to trust and just be yourself something that Jessica Scott shows her readers that anything is possible if you learn to believe. Loved it.


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