Anchor Me (Stark Trilogy Book 4) by J. Kenner

Anchor Me (Stark Trilogy Book 4) by J. Kenner
326 pages
Ebook and Print


I am weak and though my Damien see’s me strong I just want to forget. One minute we were all excited, happy and then everything is gone. I never expected to feel so much pain like this to the extreme where I just want to feel the blade again. Being with Damien has made me see how happiness and excitement is but there is still someone from my past that wants to take it all away. Damien is stronger than me and still don’t know why he is with me. There is one person though that haunts me and knowing that she is nearby has me on panic mode. Damien thinks I’m crazy to think I don’t deserve this much love and happiness but the feeling that everything will disappear feels close to me. Family has always been the one thing I never really had not the kind Damien wants to give me and it pains me that I might not be able to give it back to him. Can I be Mrs. Damien Stark again and let all this heartache and pain go without losing him for good?

I love going back to Damien and Nikki seeing how far they have come is just wow. J. Kenner once again shows us that no matter how happy you are life has a way of well kicking you down. I loved that Nikki and Damien are not all about the money and fame but real people who just want be normal. Nikki is not all about Damien’s money but wants to make a name of her own and Damien just love this guy. J. Kenner did a beautiful job in not only making us see what they have been up to but we see Jackson, Syl, Jamie and Ryan make an appearance and this what make’s her books beautiful for it’s not just the characters but their whole family. Love, passion and happiness is what makes her books memorable wanting more of them. Cannot wait to see what else is in store for the Stark Trilogy books.


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