Arranged (Masters and Mercenaries) Novella By Lexi Blake

Arranged (Masters and Mercenaries) Novella By Lexi Blake
4 1/2 moons

I remember when I was just your average man. I remember being able to do whatever I wanted and not see it in the tabloids or internet the next day. Most of all I remember her and the feelings I had for her. Seeing her again after all these years the love I felt for her is stronger than ever. Dayita Samar is the only one who has ever made me feel normal and be who I want to be. Yet everything changed the day I became King Kash Kamdar and my life is not my own anymore. Seeing disgust in her eyes for me is not what I ever expected to see. Dayita is the only one I respect and her seeing how much I have changed pains me. I was living the life of fun, sex and no commitments until my mother intervened and now I want to thank her. I never expected having Dayita so close by makes me rethink about my responsibilities. As the King of Loa Mali I am told to rule and govern my country correctly but nobody told me how to love my Dayita. Can I prove to her that I can still be the man she needs?

He was the one that got away. Oh I knew he was destined for much more but for one brief time in college he was just Kash to me. He was the first man that made me feel things and well made me see that there could be more than just the university. Problem is that I am not the same girl he knew and now I am a woman who has known and felt things a man like him will never understand. I am more than the scientist he knew and now I want to prove to him that he is all man for me but can be much more. In my world he is the type that makes me burn and crave for more. He was never king to me but now my life has changed as well and must make sure that he is taken care of at all costs. As a native of Loa Mali I have to serve my king no matter how much he might not like me at the moment or understand my needs. Can I be the queen Loa Mali needs and be the woman my kin needs to love him for who he really is in the inside?

One thing I love about Lexi Blake is though she creates novellas they are by far not your usual short novellas but filled with sex, passion and learning about yourself. We have a young man destined to be something he never imagined being a King. All his life he was taught to be just the spare but fate has a way of intervening and open our eyes. Then we have a young girl who never thought of herself beautiful until one man makes her see the world differently. Lexi Blake created such a unique story that made me want more of this sexy king and the queen to fight him in every way. Two people who in so many ways have a lot in common but are afraid to take the leap. This is more than being Arranged for it is has a love no one expected and really seeing who you are meant to be in life making your own destiny. Loved it.


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