Emergency Attraction (Love Emergency) by Samanthe Beck

Emergency Attraction (Love Emergency) by Samanthe Beck
240 pages
4 moons

They called him White Trash, bastard, asshole but to me he was my friend, my love and the man that got away. For years Shane Maguire was always on my mind and still in my heart. Instead of staying with me he left for the Marines taking my heart with him. Seeing him again after all these years makes me want to slap him but also kiss him once again. I swore when he left I will never welcome him back. The girl inside me wants answers but the woman I have become has protected her heart real good. Shane Maguire is the only one who can make me go crazy and then the next filled with passion. Back then he was a troublemaker and people thought wouldn’t amount to anything. I saw him differently and the one summer we had together was all I dreamed of but wanted more. Now that he is back he is making me see a different side of him and I want more of him. Can I risk my heart again to a man like Shane Maguire?

I was a fool to let her go and a bigger fool to think Sinclair Smith will easily take me back. Years ago we had a time together where she was my light through my dysfunctional family. I was from the wrong side of the tracks and Sinclair was good, beautiful and opposite of my life. Being with her made me think anything was possible including a better life for me. Leaving for the Marines was the best thing but I never knew how I would hurt Sinclair. I swore when I left I would never come back to this town but Sinclair was the only reason I came back. Like a stalker I kept tabs on her but being near her everyday was just part of my plan. I need her forgiveness but I want more of her as well. Can I get the Sinclair I knew who loved me with wild abandonment back? Can I prove to the town I have changed and wanting more than just a job in this town?

Okay have to say though it is a series this can be read alone and you see a little about the previous characters Samanthe Beck did a good job in just telling us about Shane. Here is a guy who led a hard life but never felt real love until he meets Sinclair. Here is a girl who makes him want to dream about the impossible but is scared as well. Then we have Sinclair who has never forgotten about Shane no matter how hard she tries. The love they have has grown from friendship but heartache has made Sinclair guard her heart to the point where she is afraid to let Shane back in again. Samanthe Beck shows us that no matter how guarded our hearts are we can never forget our first loves. This is the second in the Emergency series and cannot wait for Book 3 to come out and see what else is in store.


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