Fighting for Love Book 2 of Boston Love by Kelly Elliott

Fighting for Love Book 2 of Boston Love by Kelly Elliott
360 pages

Good Lord Kelly Elliott sure knows how to tease us and does she ever with Finn Ward. I love that this guy is a well known playboy but when he see’s Rory all bets are off. I loved that he has a girl who doesn’t fall easily to his charms making him work for it. The attraction they have is one that Rory hasn’t felt in a long time which in some ways scares her. Being with Finn makes her be impulsive and irresponsible something she has never done in her life. Work is all she knows and Finn shows her she can have so much more. Finn now is conflicted in a way because he wants Rory but there is a huge obstacle that will hurt him. Kelly Elliott not only shows us about Finn but we see Preston and Harmony again making this Boston Love series so fun to read about hot. Rory has no chance when it comes to this bad ass firefighter making me wish there was more of Finn. Cannot wait to see what else is next in the Boston Love series.

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