Hot for the Fireman by Gina L. Maxwell

Hot for the Fireman by Gina L. Maxwell
4 moons

Being an Army Ranger has always been my life and I had everything going great until the War came back to bite me in the ass. I love my job at Boston Fire Department but even my best friends are seeing that I am messed up. I really thought I had it locked down until one day. Now I am stuck seeing a therapist. Men like me are supposed to be strong show no weakness and this is one major weakness. Therapists are not supposed to be hot and sexy like Olivia Jones. She is not just a therapist but the one that has been stuck in my head for a couple of days and good gracious her body. Having her in my life is making me see that I can control certain things but not my love life. I’m at a point where going home to different women just doesn`t satisfy me anymore but something about Olivia is different. I knew right away she was going to make a big change in me but I never understood that being with her was making me see a life without her is not acceptable. My friends call me crazy for wanting to push her away but I hate that she will see the War still affecting me. Can I be the bad ass soldier I used to be and the man she needs to make her feel loved and cherished?

I just wanted one night. One night where I had a man who can make me come for my pleasure and not his. One night where I am taken sexually, rough and good lord a good night of passion to get me by my next lonely years. Erik Grady seemed like the perfect guy for me and boy was he fulfilling in every way. The thing he is also might be well technically my client. Fate definitely hates me right now and though I try to steer away from him he keeps coming back. There is something about Erik that makes me want more of what he is wanting to give and this is a huge problem. He is charming, sexy, strong and weakness is definitely not a word I would describe him. Since that night he is showing me that I can be strong, desirable and most of all loved. I am not the only one who needs to be loved for my sexy soldiers needs to find a way to let go of the past and be at peace. As a therapist I am known to help people see their full potential but Erik is one person that well just confused the heck out of me. Can I help him find his way and still be the woman he needs in his life?

I just love it when there is a sexy fireman who is afraid to show his true self and boy does Gina L. Maxwell shows us Erik Grady in all his glory. Here is a man who has gone through such things in his past that he hasn`t felt like he has really come home. In his mind he is still stuck in the War and this breaks my heart. Here is a guy who is ready to be something but nightmares still haunt him. We have a woman who is trying to overcome a past and learn to be who she really wants to be and that is to be loved. Gina L. Maxwell shows us two people who are running towards something but afraid to take the leap into faith and trust. This is book 1 and have to say this is more than just firemen this a series of a brotherhood of friends that look out for each other no matter what. Erik`s story is one hot sizzling story and boy cannot wait for his best friend, Dozers story to come out. Gina L. Maxwell created such a tale that is passionate from the beginning to the end. Loved it.


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