Just One Spark by Jami Wagner

Just One Spark by Jami Wagner
4 moons
I so love going back to the Black Alcove bar in this series for it just makes me happy how far this series has gone. Once again Jami Wagner shows us another person that we will love and the obstacles they never expected to happen. We have Beth Moyer who just wants one night of sexual abandonment but fate wants her to finally find love. This is something she doesn`t believe in and makes Maverick Mitchell work hard about his feelings. Two people who have never met before yet cannot seemed to get away from each other no matter how hard they try. The attraction between them is beyond sexual and just makes Beth wanting more than she has dreamed of having in her life. Jami knows how to make a series complete in every way and have to say looking forward to see if there will be something between Abby and Tyler. Black Alcove is a series that you will want to get a hold of for you can see Jami Wagner`s talent in each character she creates and the storylines she comes up with are not the typical ones but ones that are memorable. Loved it.


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