Kiss Mary Kill by Sidney Halston

Kiss Mary Kill by Sidney Halston
446 pages
Ebook and Print


Five years it has been since I let the girl of my dreams walk away. Five years since I last kissed her and smelled her sweet essence. I never imagined seeing her again will be me trying to find out who wants her killed. Megan Cruz is not the same girl I left behind but a hit popular singer and me the broken and damaged soldier. I knew going a second tour in the War will be different but meetng Megan changed everything. Seeing her again is making me see the feelings I had for her in just those 4 days never went away but has grown stronger.  Knowing someone is after my girl is not okay for me especially when I see my girl in fear for her life. Five years ago I wasn`t right for her and now I want to prove to her that I am the man she needs. Can I be there when the time comes to protect her?

For four days Jax gave me a life I never imagined having. Four days I was free, having fun and enjoying the life I want to have. Jax was a stranger but those days he made me sample a taste of freedom and doing things I wanted instead of being dictated what to do. He left me for the War and I was left to decide what I really wanted in my life. My name is Megan Cruz and for years I was taught and grown to be something I didn`t want to be. Seeing Jax again is making me see that he wasn`t just a stranger all those years ago but somewhat like my guiding star leading me to a life I never imagined. Now someone is trying to take all that away and I am scared. For the first time I want more than Jax just protecting me I need his love to guide me again. He says he will just hurt me but in those 4 days he gave me a love I never had before and I crave more of it. The passion I felt for him has never gone away and now he`s back. Can I show him that my life has meaning when he`s there with me without my fear getting in the way?

Omg Sidney Halston totally rocked in this book, Kiss Mary Kill. Right from the beginning there is a villain and the damsel in distress making you wonder who is the villain. Sidney Halston has a woman who finally has a life she has been working for and now it’s getting to a point where someone wants her gone for good. Then we have the hot, sexy hero trying to rescue but has his own demons to overcome. Two people who are fighting to make things right but afraid to trust in the possibilities of happiness. I have read Sidney Halston books before and have to say this one felt like a rollercoaster filled with twists, passion and man so many questions making this book awesome till the end. Even then Sidney Halston makes you want more from her stories and really hope we get more of the band TNT. Loved it.


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