Million Dollar Cowboy: A Cupid, Texas Novel by Lori Wilde

Million Dollar Cowboy: A Cupid, Texas Novel by Lori Wilde
336 pages
Ebook and Print


I never consider Silver Feather Ranch as my home. No instead it felt like I was just visiting never really feeling like I belonged. Which in so many ways it is the truth because to everybody in Cupid, Texas I am the bastard son of the great Duke Lockhart. My birth in some ways is a scandal and though 29 years has passed I still feel like a stranger. Duke is the epitome of hard ass and workaholic and I wanted to be like him but so much more. Nobody understands what drives me except one girl. The one person that I tried to stay away but seeing her again is making me see how far I have come in this world. Years ago she was just the annoying bratty sister of my best friend and now well she leaves me speechless. Kaia Alzate is forbidden to me but also a temptress making me want to be something I am not. Work has always been my outlet in life, the one thing that has never let me down in life. Kaia says that I am married to my work but then again work has never cheated on me or made me feel unloved. Being back I Cupid, Texas is making me wanted the impossible and that is a good woman to love and family. Two things that a bastard like me should never have but the little boy in me still wants the unthinkable, love. As temptresses go I know I can never run as far I want for Kaia will always be in my heart. Can I be the man she can love or will I end up like Duke grouchy, moody and with no love in his life?

Ridge Lockhart is back and this time I am going to show him I am not the annoying little girl he used to know. For years I always crushed on him and knowing he`s back for the wedding is just well making me want more than just the weekend celebrations. I always wanted to be Kaia Lockhart but Ridge is not your typical man looking for love. He is and like everybody has told me will be a man of revolving women in his life and I so want to be one of those women. He is your sex on stick guy and the one that I know will know real passion from but also might be the one to scar me. I know one night of sex will not be enough for me especially when I hear the humming. Granny Blue has filled my head with tales and now knowing that Ridge might be the one for me well my heart can`t take it. Ridge is not the type of guy that will commit but the type of guy that will show you a wild ride. The thing is that his kisses and lovemaking say something else and now I am confused as hell. Can I go back to just being dull and routine Kaia Alzate or be the one to tame this restless cowboy?

Welcome back to Cupid, Texas where the cowboys are hotter than ever and Lori Wilde shows us that even the stubbornest of all men can change with the right woman in their life. We have Kaia Alzate who is working hard to be a vet and not let anything get in her way making her dreams come true but the past comes back in the form of a sexy cowboy. She has always loved Ridge Lockhart but he doesn`t see her as nothing but a friend. I felt for Kaia for being in this situation before and boy know what she is going through with her heart pitter-pattering every time she sees Ridge. I don`t blame her for here is a man who is sexy, hot and most of all the most hard headed man she has encountered. The love she has for him should be enough but Ridge is a man who has a hard time believing he can be loved. Lori Wilde sure knows how to bring out even the most workaholic man to his knees with a good woman to show him what life can really be like if he opens his eyes. I love reading about Cupid, Texas and boy sure wish this was a real town for Lori Wilde just brings this little town to life with it`s tales about love and good gracious her cowboys are just wow. Cannot wait to see more of the Lockhart brothers and the Alzates in this series. Great job Lori Wilde making me want more of Cupid, Texas.


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