More Than a Feeling Book 4 of Rock Star by Erika Kelly

More Than a Feeling Book 4 of Rock Star by Erika Kelly
400 pages
4 moons

I am a bastard and everybody in Snowberry, Montana see’s me as. It has been years since I been home and even though I am a famous musician for the band Blue Fire nobody see’s that but the bastard in me. Only one person saw the real me and seeing little Daisy Charbonneau all grown up into a sexy woman well has me thinking of staying a little bit longer. Everybody knows the Huckleberry Festival is the main attraction in this small town and Daisy needs my help. She might disagree but I all she has left and I want something in return. The young boy in lust wants a chance with her and the man that is kissing her now maybe wants more than just a one night stand. She is the one that got away and though it may sound like another love song she is what my heart wants. Only one thing has made me come back home and that is dear old mom but what she has to tell me is not something what I expected at all. Snowberry, Montana used to be a place I hated but now I am seeing it in a different light through Daisy. Can I be the man she needs to make her feel loved? Or will the bastard in me run away again?

Cooper Hood is back and the time apart just ignited my attraction towards him. He is the one that got away and now that he is back in Snowberry I want the kiss that was never received. All those years he teased me and though everybody told me he was trouble I wanted to be bad with him. My name is Daisy and I am and always am the good girl. Yet being with Cooper I want to be bad, desirable and just be the Cooper Hood loved. As a musician he knows people and as a woman who wants to make my resort popular with the Blackstocks I need his help. He says nobody loves him or wants to love him but I call him bullshit because I love him. He might see me as the annoying little girl who followed him around but the woman in me wants him forever. He is troublemaker with a capital T but I still want him no matter who he has become now. Can I prove to this rebel that this woman does love him freely and forever?

I love Erika Kelly’s Rock Star series and the whole Blue Fire band. We have come a long way and still feel there is still more to be said about this series and boy is Cooper Hood a delicious treat. I felt for Daisy wanting to be the girl this troublemaker loves but there are of course obstacles in the way. Singing has always been Cooper’s way to break out and be the man he has been searching to be all these years. Daisy now is not the shy little girl he used to know but has grown up fearless now and wants him. The attraction they have is nothing they expected and boy is it hotter than ever. Erika Kelly once again shows us that no matter where we grew up we can never escape the sense of no place is like home until you see it with new set of eyes. Being with Daisy Cooper see’s a side he never saw when he was growing up. I loved that no matter how ugly his past was he is seeing that with Daisy there is a light to his dark life. Loved it and cannot wait to see what is next in this series.


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